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water damage restoration in Silver Lake, WIIt can be nearly impossible to live in your home when there is water damage. Because of its nature, water soaks into every surface of your home and can cause damage, as well as lead to the growth of toxic mold. In turn, damage caused by mold can make your home rot, and make your home less safe due to damage to its structure. By the time you’ve detected the water damage, the damage has already been done. Thankfully, our water damage experts are equipped with the best water removal and drying equipment available. They will completely remove all of the water and restore your property back to its pre-loss condition.

Emergency water extraction is a detailed and highly complex process that requires the skills of an experienced and certified water damage restoration company. Vacuuming up the water is just not good enough. Property water removal and cleanup requires detailed and thorough inspections, well planned course of actions, and top of the line water removal and drying equipment. With rapid response service and many years of experience in the industry, the water removal experts at Absolute DKI can help reduce the stress of water or flood damage to your residential or commercial property by taking the steps needed to prevent further damage from occurring.

Water can ruin a home or business. This is why Absolute DKI has a team of water removal technicians ready 24/7, 365 days a year that are committed to being at your home or business within 60 minutes or less of your call.

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The key factor to proper water damage restoration is: rapid response. The sooner you call us for your water damage problem, the sooner the water restoration team at Absolute DKI can get to work and the sooner your water damage problems become a distant memory. Don’t trust your residential or commercial property to just any water damage company. Put your trust into the qualified experts at Absolute DKI. We handle water damage jobs nearly every day, and we understand that your home is your most cherished investment.

Being the lowest point in a home, basements tend to be the first place to flood during any kind of water damage emergency. The water coming into the basement can be coming from numerous areas, both inside and outside of the home. Extreme amounts of rain can oversaturate the ground, resulting in leaks and possibly cracks throughout the basement. Frozen, and burst pipes are highly susceptible to occur in basements because of the pressure and temperature differences in the basement. Our number one priority is to detect and locate the water in your basement fast and completely remove all of the water, even moisture that is hidden from view.

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