Absolute DKI Services

water damage extraction, mitigation and restoration in Mt Pleasant, WI

Water Damage

With rapid response service and many years of experience in the industry, the water removal experts at Absolute DKI can help reduce the stress of water or flood damage to your residential or commercial property by taking the steps needed to prevent further damage from occurring.

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fire and smoke damage restoration in Mt Pleasant, WI

Fire & Smoke Damage

It can be difficult to deal with fire damage on your own, but you don’t have to. At Absolute DKI, we provide superior restoration services to erase fire damage altogether, leaving your home or business clean and appealing.

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mold removal in Mt Pleasant, WI

Mold Removal

Our years of experience, training, and top of the line mold removal equipment allows remediation for nearly any mold contamination, and we can take care of all of your mold damage cleanup and removal needs.

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frozen and burst water pipe repair in Mt Pleasant, WI

Frozen / Burst Pipes

Once the cold weather blows in, your pipes could burst at any time, and when they do, you need to act fast to prevent further damage to your home. At Absolute DKI, we provide 24/7 emergency services, so you don’t have to wait to give us a call.

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disaster restoration in Mt Pleasant, WI


We will remove waste, water, pests, damaged items, or entire sections of the home. Absolute DKI can also restore, repair, renovate, or rebuild any wall, roof, window, or even an entire room. Think of us as qualified stress relievers with over 25 years of building experience, prepared to provide support, not more strain.

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roof repair and installation in Mt Pleasant, WI


The primary goal of Absolute DKI’s roofers is to provide you with superior roofing service in a friendly, professional and stress-free manner within an affordable price range. We are a locally owned and operated business that maintains the highest levels of professionalism, honesty, and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, associates, and customers.

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asbestos removal in Mt Pleasant, WI

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is most commonly found in older properties – if left in good condition undisturbed – is generally not harmful. However, damage to buildings, such as a water or fire loss, can affect asbestos-containing materials and can create a serious health hazard to the building’s residents. Our expert and licensed remediation contractors have the proper training and equipment to mitigate any asbestos situation.

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Trauma Scene and Accident Clean Up in Mt Pleasant, WI

Trauma Scene & Accident Clean Up

We know that in times of trauma, your focus needs to remain on your family or business. That's why at Absolute DKI we are committed to homes and businesses in need. Our professionally trained staff will help you through these intensely emotional situations with the utmost care and concern for all those affected.

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Board Up Services in Mt Pleasant, WI

Board Up Services

After a natural disaster or accident occurs in your home or business, it is not uncommon to find structural damage. Windows and doors can break from storms, vandalism, accidents, fire fighting efforts, and more. Absolute DKI provides both commercial and residential board up services to prevent the outside elements from entering your building.

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content cleaning pack out and storage in Mt Pleasant, WI

Content Cleaning Pack Out & Storage

Just like your home or business, your personal property can take a hit after a natural disaster. Fire, floods, smoke, and mold can all lead to damage to the items in your home or business. Sometimes, you don’t even know if an item is salvageable until a property restoration service company has a look. Absolute DKI’s highly qualified team will clear out, clean, and treat your personal items with the best of care.

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