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Sewage backups and overflows result in what is called 'category 3' water damage. This type of water is considered grossly contaminated and should always be cleaned by a professional restoration company with the knowledge and equipment necessary to completely dry and sanitize the area after the safe removal of the sewage.

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Sewage and Drain Backup Restoration Services

Sewage backups in your home are a next level water damage that are particularly fearsome. Even more than a damage from clean water, this type of damage needs to be cleaned IMMEDIATELY and CORRECTLY because it poses great risk to both the structure of your property and the health of everyone inside.

NEVER ATTEMPT TO CLEAN SEWAGE OR DRAIN BACK UPS ON YOUR OWN. Sewage damage comes with unseen health risks and damage to your property. At Absolute DKI, our staff has the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to properly dry, sanitize, and restore your home.

Category 3 Water Damage Restoration

Category 3 water, also known as black water, is water that is grossly contaminated by pollutants including pathogens and fungi. This type of water damage causes serious health risks and should be mitigated with the utmost attention to detail and safety. Damage from sewer line breaks and backups are considered category 3 damages. Even small toilet backups fall into this category because the water from the bowl can contain unseen biological hazards. Black water and sewage backups create serious health risks that can spread rapidly throughout an affected home and cannot be cleaned by ordinary cleaning techniques. At Dry Source our expert team will:

  • Take care of drying, cleanup, and reconstruction
  • Reduce your exposure to dangerous pathogens present in category 3 water
  • Salvage any materials that can be saved
  • Properly and safely dispose of unsalvageable materials
  • Address long-term issues like mold growth
  • Work directly with your insurance company

DO NOT TRY TO HANDLE A SEWAGE DAMAGE ON YOUR OWN! Call Absolute DKI right away for emergency sewage restoration services.

Common Causes of Sewage Damage

Sewage damage in your home is a big deal. It;s important to be able to identify the sources of category 3 water so you know when to call for help. Simply put, sewer water is water that originates past the p-trap of a drain connected to the sewer line. Some common causes of sewer backups are:

Main Sewer Line Backups

Main drain backups usually occur when there is a clog somewhere in the main line. These clogs can be caused by anything from inappropriate materials being flushed down the toilet to tree roots blocking the line. Depending on the city's sewage system, the excess water volume can cause backups into your home or business. This will typically look like water backing up from any and all drains on the lowest level of your property.

Toilet Overflows

Although a toilet overflow sometimes seems like a minor issue it still falls under the umbrella of category 3 damage. Even if the water damage was minimal, any material that was affected by the water is potentially contaminated by sewage and should be properly mitigated.

Broken Drain Pipes

Most homes and businesses have an extensive drainage system designed to send waste to the main sewer line. If any part of that system cracks or breaks, the sewage can start leaking into the home, usually seeping out from under floors and behind the walls. This can be particularly insidious because it can go unnoticed for a long time if it's a small leak. Persistent sewage smells from an undetermined source are a major sign of a broken drain pipe.

Professional and Certified Technicians

Absolute DKI is IICRC CertifiedAs a certified IICRC professional company, all our staff and service technicians follow the guidelines and protocols for restoration services, including the guidelines put out by the federal, state, and IICRC levels. All our technicians have been trained and certified by the Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Absolute DKI has dedicated the resources, time, and effort to make sure we are always ready for any water damage emergency that comes our way. We have the proper equipment and training necessary to do a complete job.

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