Content Cleaning, Pack Out, and Storage

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We can secure your belongings to avoid further damage.

Just like your home or business, your personal property can take a hit after a natural disaster. Fire, floods, smoke, and mold can all lead to damage to the contents of your home or business. Sometimes, you don’t even know if an item is salvageable until a property restoration service company has a look. Absolute DKI’s highly qualified team will clear out, clean, and treat your items with the best of care.

Content Pack Out & Storage

There are scenarios where property restoration services require the contents of a home or business to be removed and relocated for timely and comprehensive cleaning and restoration. It is generally easier, more secure, and cost-efficient to take particular contents to another location for restoration work.

After cleaning and restoration, our property restoration and hoarder cleanup services will ensure the return of your items to the home or business. Absolute DKI uses the same inventory procedures and documentation employed in the pack-out process. Your contents are loaded, transported, delivered with care, and checked with the original inventory documents.

content cleaning, pack out and storage in Mt Pleasant, WI

Content Cleaning

Disaster or hoarding cleanup services are usually most sought after for restoration of fabric items. Skilled Absolute DKI technicians use specialized technology and procedures to restore fabric-related items to their pre-loss condition. These processes are specially designed and tailored to address the challenges posed by particular types of damage. In addition to concerns with an item’s appearance, we take into consideration the smell and structural integrity. The odors associated with fire and water-related disasters are often dealt with by subjecting the item(s) to ozone treatments that break down the foreign particles that cause the odor.

Some items we can clean include the following:

  • Linens, Fabrics, and Bedding
  • Leather, Fur, and Suede Garments
  • Stuffed Animals and Dolls
  • Wedding Gowns
  • Rugs
  • Blinds and Shades
  • And More

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