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"We have had the privilege to work with Tom and his team at Absolute Restoration for the last few years.  His team is always professional and they take care of our clients.  Our clients need a contractor that can work with them after a loss and listen to their concerns to make sure that their home or building is repaired as if the loss never happened.  We continue to be impressed with their follow up and client-first mentality."

Matt Mekemson, CIC, CSRM

The Trottier Insurance Group

"...outstanding work. done in a timely fashion. cleaned every day and at the end. no hassle from working with insurance company and bank. storm damage was from tornado."

BBB Review

"Tom with Absolute Restoration just completed a fantastic rehab. of our house after it sustained major damage caused by a neighborhood gas explosion. The insurance claim eventually totaled almost $150,000. The house was gutted and repaired from rooftop to basement. Tom's crew even vacuumed our backyard to remove glass and debris! We appreciated Tom's availability and work ethic throughout the entire process. Tom communicated regularly with our insurance and mortgage company and regularly called me with updates. He has surrounded himself with knowledgeable workers who do a thorough and impressive job. We are very thankful that we found him."

                                                                                                                                                                                      - Eve L.

"I would highly recommend Tom, Absolute Restoration LLC. Absolute Restoration does outstanding work. I hired Tom after a house fire. Tom stayed in contact with during every phase of the restoration. The work was done within the amount of time Tom guaranteed. My home is brand new due to Absolute Restoration. I could not be happier with the results."

                                                                                                                                -Katie M.

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