Frequently Asked Questions

Does Absolute Restoration do insurance claim recoveries?

Certainly. Most of the restorations we perform are projects derived from insurance claims. We have extensive experience and understanding of the claims process and know what it takes to achieve complete recoveries correctly and efficiently, as well as doing so within the context of adjuster parameters.

Are Absolute's on-site workers experienced?

Many on our team bring more than 20 years of experience in construction, reconstruction, evaluation of damage, project planning and all have a great understanding of what it's like to experience a property damage loss. We can communicate this experience effectively with property owners, agents, adjusters...everyone with a stake in the outcome.

What can Absolute do as First Responder in emergencies ?

Key actions necessary to stabilize the state of the structure include:

- 24/7/365 Board up

- 24/7/365 Roof Tarping

- 24/7/365 Damaged Tree/Debris Removal

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